Plant Centre

Visit our Plant Centre as part of your trip to the garden or separately. No admission charge. Our prices are low with discount for multiple purchases We have a vast selection of home-grown plants, many of which feature in the garden.

The centre is open from 11 am until 4pm every day. You are welcome to browse there in garden opening hours and make use of the self-serve refreshment facilities.

There is an outside area and a large poly-tunnel so you can browse at your leisure from our wide range of modestly priced plants and shrubs.

We have tended to specialise in acid-loving plants including gorgeously-coloured rhododendrons, camellias, magnolias and azaleas as well as clematis, roses, climbers, large and small shrubs and herbaceous varieties.

We also stock some of the exotic species which thrive in this sheltered valley. Our staff are happy to advise you on plant care and appropriate choices for your own garden.